World War I Soldiers of Pittsford

  • Dr. Lloyd F. Allen
  • Howard R. Bacon
  • James Crawford
  • John S. Doane
  • Stanley C. Gilmore
  • Dick Krieger
  • Raymond L. Hulbert
  • George L. Loughborough
  • Henry L. Miller
  • Harry Naber
  • C. Arthur Palmer
  • Jack B. Palmer
  • Homer Rayson
  • William D. Rossiter
  • George H. Schreib
  • Russell A. Smith
  • Harland D. Spiegel
  • Raymond F. Steve
  • George Stockman
  • William C. Stockman
  • Andrew R. Sutherland

2 Comments on “World War I Soldiers of Pittsford”

  1. Kara Palmer Kong Says:

    Vicki: Just stumbled across your blog and your cemetery documentation. Super happy I found it! Was able to piece a few things together I had forgotten about, which most of the older generations are no longer here to tell the story!

    Not sure if you still keep this updated, but my great grandfather Charles Arthur Palmer (brother of Jack Palmer) was also a WWI vet, and buried in Pittsford Cemetary. Just thought I’d mention it! Looking forward to exploring more of your site.

    • Hi Kara,
      Thanks for your email! I’d love to hear more about your great-grandfather, and have added him to the World War I soldiers of Pittsford list. There are many more to add, so it is a work in progress.

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