With Appreciation

I’d like to take the time to express my gratitude to the following people who have assisted me with my project and encouraged me along the way.

Audrey Johnson, Pittsford Town Historian and President of the Pittsford Cemetery Board.  Audrey was the inspiration for my project, and I am pleased to consider her a mentor and a friend.

Hazel Knickerbocker, Secretary of the Pittsford Cemetery, has spent much time answering questions about burial locations and searching records for me.  She graciously invited me into her home on more than one occasion so I could continue my quest for information about my Civil War boys.

Laurie Tulloch Hall, my closest friend and fellow cemetery explorer, has watched over my children numerous times in order to allow me to transcribe and photograph graves and conduct my research in the most outlandish of places.  Her encouragement and seemingly unending interest in my project just remind me what an amazing friend she is.

Paul M. Spiegel, former Pittsford Town Supervisor and ardent collector of information about Pittsford, NY.  Mr. Spiegel has written the most amazing books about Pittsford’s history which have provided foundations for my research.  His books are available for sale at The Little House, site of Historic Pittsford.

My husband, Charles Profitt, and our children have listened to me talk about my Civil War boys nonstop.  My oldest daughter rolls her eyes, but still manages to find Civil War books for me at her school library.  The younger children sit patiently in the car drinking their juice boxes while Mom hops out at each part of the cemetery to take photos of gravestones.

Bill Keeler, curator of the Fairport Museum, has gone out of his way to allow me access to the original G.A.R. applications held at the Museum, as well as to the Wiltsie documents and photos in possession of the Museum.

Alan Keukelaar, former Vice-President of the Perinton Historical Society, supports my Civil War project in numerous ways:  signing me up to speak at the PHS and to give cemetery tours in Perinton, contacting the newspaper on my behalf and giving me information about available grants that might fit my project.

Ronald S. Coddington, author of Faces of the Civil War and Faces of the Confederacy, wrote about my Civil War soldiers project on his blog entry dated May 18, 2009 which is found on his website, www. facesofwar.com.  His books are amazing, and serve as a model of the type of book I would like to write about my soldiers.  Faces of the Civil War has photographs of Civil War soldiers from many backgrounds and regiments.  Beside the photograph, Ron has gathered information about each soldier.

Ron Erwin shared with me his photograph of a soldier we believe to be Robert Ambrose, as well as a photograph of Dr. Matthias L. Lord.  He is an ardent collector of photographs depicting Monroe County, New York Civil War soldiers.  The soldiers of the 108th New York Volunteer Infantry and the 140th New York Infantry are his main focus.

Patrick Fultz shared a different photograph of Dr. Matthias L. Lord with me.  He is also a collector of Monroe County, New York Civil War photographs.

Philip G. Maples, Director Emeritus of the Rochester Medical Museum & Archives, has provided knowledge of Civil War facts and introduced me to some wonderful people in the historical field.

Cathie Lashinsky and Shawn McBurney took time out of their busy schedules to take a roadtrip and photograph the home built by Dr. Lester Jewett in Lima, Michigan in 1847.  Not only did they photograph the house, but they met the current owner, Kim Fairley, who has graciously supplied me with additional information about the Jewett homestead.  Dr. Jewett is the father of my Civil War nurse, Mary Jewett Telford.

Joyce Hicks, Library Assistant in the Special Collections and Archives department at Auburn University in Auburn, Alabama took the time to email me a transcription of Alexander S. Millard’s wartime diary.

Dick Crawford, Historian at the First Presbyterian Church and Janet Harris, Secretary at St. Paul’s Lutheran Church, both in Pittsford, New York, allowed me access to the records held by their churches.  These records, dating back to the early to mid 1800s, are an incredible source of information.  The clues found in them have led me to discover more information than I would have ever imagined about the families I research.

Other family members have been supportive as well.  My brother, Rick Masters, went to Gettysburg in August 2008 and traipsed through the cemetery in search of one of my boys.  He also took the time to take photos of various Civil War monuments at the site for me.  Marilyn Profitt purchased my ancestry.com subscription for me as a birthday gift.  Without that subscription, none of this research would have gotten off the ground.  My granny, Marilynn Profitt, has listened to me wax poetic about my research and cemetery trips.  Lucky for me, she is also a genealogist and understands the allure a cemetery holds.  Heather Greenway gave me an incredible book about the Civil War that I have used extensively for period research.  My parents, Vic and Dollie Masters, have always encouraged my interests, taking me to Cooperstown, NY during my Lou Gehrig fixation, and on to Concord, MA when I was enamored of Louisa May Alcott.  I am fortunate to have such a wonderful and supportive family.

I’ve also been lucky to have met online some descendants of my Civil War boys who have willingly shared their family history with me in order to give me a better idea of what these men were like.

  • John R. Bacon & Faye Bacon, descendant & relative by marriage of John Buckley Bacon
  • Sean Rockwell Ryan, descendant of Rev. LaFayette Congdon
  • Jason Puckett and Charlie Wiltsie, members of the Wiltsie family
  • multiple members of the Zornow family, descendants of William Zornow’s siblings
  • Ian Tebbett, who provided information about the family of Frank D. Tibbitts
  • David Alvord, descendant of Mary Starr Cook Alvord, a sister of Nathan M. and William H. Cook
  • Kathleen Neill, descendant of James T. Bowdy
  • Stena Swanson, related to Christopher A. Arell
  • Tara Curley, descendant of Edward T. Ambrose
  • Mark A. Lannan, descendant of Kingsley Brownell
  • Clay Feeter and Martha Jewett, descendants of Mary Jewett Telford’s brother, Nathan Jewett
  • Evan Marshall, related to Mary Jewett Telford by marriage
  • Floris A. Lent, Wilkinson family descendant and related to Mary Jewett Telford
  • Jane Andersen and Lynda Skaddan, Telford family descendants
  • Marcia V. Crosby Ferguson, who provided information about the Millard family
  • Doug Light, Crystal Borgman, Mary Jane Light, Glenn M. Berggren, descendants of Harvey E. Light
  • Charles Lenhart, Sutherland family descendant
  • Alice Monschke, descendant of William H. Jerrells’ sister, Lavantia Jerrells Allen

3 Comments on “With Appreciation”

  1. Ronald V. Erwin Says:

    Hi Vicki,

    I see you have been in contact with a descendant of Edward T. Ambrose. Have you asked her if she has any photos of him or his brothers to compare to my image?

    Happy Holidays,


  2. Herb Swingle Says:

    Great-Web-Site–Herb Swingle

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