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Chamberlin Rubber Company – Still Going Strong After 144 Years!

May 7, 2009
Captain James R. Chamberlin

Captain James R. Chamberlin, courtesy of Bill Lanigan, owner of Chamberlin Rubber Company

Last week, I was stunned to discover that the Chamberlin Rubber Company, which was founded by one of my Civil War boys – James R. Chamberlin – was still in existence 144 years later!

Today, I had the opportunity to tour Chamberlin Rubber with the current owner, Bill Lanigan.  Mr. Lanigan graciously allowed me access to photographs, stock certificates, newspaper articles and other bits of fascinating memorabilia about Chamberlin Rubber.  There was a receipt dated April 1, 1867.  Stock certificates signed by James R. Chamberlin himself.  But the ultimate item for me was seeing a photo of James Chamberlin in his Civil War uniform.

James R. Chamberlin enlisted in Co. A of the 3rd New York Cavalry on August 31, 1861.  He was wounded several times throughout his service, and finally mustered out in August of 1864 as a Captain.  James is the second highest ranking officer buried at Pittsford Cemetery, after Major Harvey E. Light.  After the war, James started the Chamberlin Rubber Company.  It was in his family until the 1970s when his great-grandson, James B. Little, sold it to the Lanigan family who continues to run it to this day. 

James R. Chamberlin is featured on my upcoming Civil War Soldiers of Pittsford walking tour of Pittsford Cemetery on May 16th. 

I would like to express my gratitude to Bill Lanigan, owner of Chamberlin Rubber Company, for taking the time to discuss his company’s history with me.  His generosity is very much appreciated.  Check out Chamberlin Rubber Company’s official website listed on my Blogroll.

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