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Fallen Angel

April 17, 2010

Pointer Monument at Greenvale Cemetery

A sad sight awaited me at Greenvale.  After making my way back to the Fairport cemetery for the second time in five days, I ventured to the far corner to visit the beautiful little angel monument that marks the final resting places of Christopher Pointer (1867-1911) and his descendants, Gerald George Pointer (1937-1937) and Judith Mary Pointer (1939-1940).  As I approached the stone, I noted the large branches that now nearly encircled the angel and her charges.  Upon closer inspection it was evident that the little angel had not emerged unscathed.  Her left wing had sheared off leaving a white scar across her delicate back.

The most amazing thing is that I had just visited Greenvale a few days earlier in preparation for my June 8th cemetery tour.  On that first visit, I had photographed the angel from various angles so that I might have a nice picture for some future use.  The photo above is stitched from two different pictures.  The left photo shows the pristine angel on April 7, and the photo on the right, taken April 11, depicts the fallen angel.

The little angel has been a source of interest to me since my first visit to Greenvale Cemetery in June, 2009.  At that time, I had brought my two year old daughter with me to spend time outdoors while I conducted my research.  AJ gravitated toward the angel and reached up as if to accept the flowers from the hand of a friend.  Since then, I have always held a special place in my heart for the beautifully sculpted monument.

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