Civil War Soldiers of Pittsford

When I first began this project in May 2008, I took photos of the headstones of 85 men whom I chose solely based on the fact that they were soldiers of the Civil War.  Now, several years later, the lives these men led have been illuminated to me and tell me so much more than a headstone ever could.  Now I know these men as people.  Over one hundred years later, I’ve read of their triumphs and their heartbreaks.   The names of their wives and children slip from my tongue as easily as those of my own family.  It is very important to me that these hometown heroes be illuminated.

Listed below are the Civil War heroes of Pittsford, New York.

  • Edward T. Ambrose
  • Richard Ambrose
  • Robert P. Ambrose
  • Christopher A. Arell
  • Edwin Jeffrey Armstrong
  • John Buckley Bacon
  • Joseph Bartlett
  • Jeffrey N. Birdsall
  • Pitts King Booth
  • James T. Bowdy
  • John Leverett Brainard
  • Kingsley Brownell
  • Johnson C. Bull
  • Charles Raphael Came
  • Paul D. Carpenter
  • James R. Chamberlin
  • LaFayette Congdon
  • Nathan Mulford Cook
  • William Henry Cook
  • John Crawford
  • Samuel Davis
  • Charles A. Dwinnell
  • John Everett
  • Matthew P. Ewing
  • George Washington Farnam
  • Marvin D. French
  • John C. Gillam
  • George C. Hard
  • Charles Hart
  • John Herring
  • Alpheus Hodges
  • Martin S. Jackson
  • George M. Kenney
  • James King
  • Henry F. Kunow
  • Aron C. Lane
  • Harvey Everett Light
  • Matthias L. Lord
  • Albert B. Marble
  • Thomas McNally
  • John L. Meeker
  • Andrew H. Merritt
  • Alexander S. Millard
  • John G. Minnamon
  • William H. Morris
  • Henry L. Mueller
  • Arthur M. Newton
  • Christopher Noyes
  • William Nye
  • Thomas F. Parker
  • Ezra A. Patterson
  • Parker P. Paul
  • George W. Pratt
  • George W. Pringle
  • William H. Prior
  • Gilbert W. Reynolds
  • George Schlegel
  • John Schubert
  • John Segert
  • Theodore E. Shepard
  • W. Miller Shepard
  • William W. Shepard
  • Philetus M. Skuse
  • John F. Smith
  • Gottlieb Snyder
  • Alvin W. Stearns
  • Henry Stone
  • William Stone
  • Imos Sweeten
  • John H. Thurmon
  • Frank D. Tibbitts
  • Charles A. Tillotson
  • Henry Walbeck
  • John Walbeck
  • George P. Walters
  • Henry Walters
  • Charles Wanglin
  • George S. Warner
  • Winslow W. Waters
  • Theodore H. Welch
  • Edward Wheeler
  • Dennison J. Willard
  • William L. Williams
  • George B. Wiltsie
  • Richard C. Wood
  • Thomas Wood
  • William Zornow

10 Comments on “Civil War Soldiers of Pittsford”

  1. Kathy Mauldin Says:

    I have a indian head token 1863 ,has the name John Schubert on the back with Hamiton Saloon,High Street Hamilton,O.What can you tell me about this token or the man John Schubert and his relationship to the Civil War.

  2. Loraine Says:

    Would you have any information on the Parker P. Paul mentioned in the list above. I am a decendant.

    • I’m always excited to hear from descendants! I do not have a lot of information about Parker, but I’ll email you directly and share what I do have.

      • Loraine Says:

        Thank you. Much appreciated. I have done a ton of research, so I know what you mean about not having a lot of info. It is hard to find. Thank you again.

  3. Keith Brownell Says:

    My great, great grandfather was Kingsley Brownell.. His son Clinton was my great grandfather and his son William my grandfather…. Do you have anymore info on Kingsley ……? Thanks Keith

    • Tim Romeo Says:

      Keith..I have repaired a few Brownell headstones at Pittsford, NY cemetery, most recent was Reuben Brownell (1853)..summer 2015 I made
      the repair., hand with index finger pointed up signifying ‘pathway to heaven’ I also repaired Anna L. Brownell 1889 (infant), Dewitt C. Brownell (child)..1853, Edgar Brownell 1853..child

      Tim Romeo

  4. The Ambrose brothers are my relatives. How can I find out more about them? Catherine Johnson Ambrose was my great, great grandmother.

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