Civil War Soldiers of Perinton & Fairport

This list is a work-in-progress.  Due to its larger geographical size, Perinton has many more soldiers than Pittsford.  When I research the soldiers, names are pulled from multiple sources – military records, the 1890 Veterans’ Schedule, newspaper articles, G.A.R. membership and cemetery records.  Therefore, the soldiers I include as “Perinton/Fairport soldiers” may have moved to the area after the war.  They may have enlisted in Perinton but never lived there.  There are many reasons they may be listed as “Perinton/Fairport soldiers”.

  • Andrew J. Abrams
  • J. H. Abrams
  • Guy C. Adams *Killed in action 08/03/1864 at Atlanta, GA
  • David Aldrich
  • E. H. Austin
  • Smith J. Austin *Died of disease 03/02/1863 in Washington, DC
  • Stephen S. Austin *Killed in action 09/19/1864 at Opequan, VA
  • Worden Babcock
  • Sigmon Bachman
  • Henry M. Baker
  • Enoch A. Barrett
  • Thomas Beaumont
  • George C. Benedict
  • Gould S. Benedict
  • Shadrick S. Benson *Died of disease.  Date of death is disputed.
  • Asa J. Bingham
  • John Biracree
  • Belden Bortle *Killed in action 09/17/1862 at Antietam, VA
  • Lester A. Bosworth
  • Joseph H. Boyer
  • William Bramen
  • John Brentnall
  • John B. Brockway
  • Israel Brockway
  • Barney A. Brooks
  • Edward Brown
  • Ira D. Brown
  • J. N. Brown
  • James Brown
  • Merritt A. Brown
  • Thomas J. Brown
  • Henry Bucher
  • James K. Burlingame
  • Michael Burns *POW.  Died 09/14/1864 at Andersonville Prison
  • Reuben E. Burton
  • Uriah Butler
  • Jesse M. Campbell
  • Harlow Chapin
  • Myron Chesebro
  • John T. Clague
  • Edward F. Clum
  • Royal E. Cochran
  • Edmond Coon
  • Stephen Corwin
  • Reuben H. Crosby *POW.  Died of diease 01/04/1865 at Annapolis, MD
  • William E. Culver
  • Charles Dancy
  • A. B. Davis
  • Philetus DeMooney
  • Charles DeMott *Killed in action 06/03/1864 at Bethesda Church, VA
  • Richard F. Deyo
  • Hurlbut S. Dickens
  • Archie Dickinson
  • William H. Dickinson
  • Charles Dillman
  • Michael D. Doherty
  • John Doser
  • Thomas H. Downing
  • John C. Dryer
  • Francis M. Elmer
  • Alvin Fassett
  • Johnathan J. Fassett
  • John B. Fassett
  • Jerome B. Fellows *Killed in action 06/03/1864 at Cold Harbor
  • George S. Filkins
  • John Fishbeck
  • Philip Fitzsimons
  • Richard Foreman, Jr.
  • Josiah D. Francisco
  • John A. Franks
  • Frederick Frey
  • Winfield Scott Fuller
  • Clark P. Furman
  • W. M. E. Galoer
  • Martin Gannon
  • Richard H. Gardner
  • Andrew Gerlach
  • Richard Giddy
  • Asaph Goodell *Died of disease 02/10/1863 at Smoketown, MD
  • Charles F. Goodell
  • Henry Grawbarger
  • Theodore Greenman
  • Charles Monroe Guerin
  • Nathan Hack
  • Cyrenus Hall
  • Leander H. Hamilton
  • Jeremiah Harrigan
  • John Harrison
  • Egbert V. Hart
  • Francis M. Havens
  • John S. Havens
  • Marcellus E. Hazen
  • Henry Henner
  • David Hill
  • George H. Hill
  • Munson G. Hill
  • Robert L. Hill
  • Isaac L. Hobbie
  • John L. Hogeboom
  • Peter L. Hogeboom
  • James Holihan
  • Simeon P. Howard
  • John F. Huntington
  • D. Wellington Hurlburt
  • Chester Hutchinson
  • Nathan C. Jeffreys
  • David C. Jerrells *Killed in action 08/30/1862 at 2nd Bull Run
  • Ebenezer D. Jerrells
  • William H. Jerrells
  • Josias W. Jones
  • Edwin F. Jordan
  • Joseph Samuel Kelsey
  • John D. Kohler
  • Lorenzo Larwood
  • Robert Larwood *Died of disease 12/25/1863 at Brandy Station, VA
  • Samuel A. Larwood
  • William E. Lauer
  • David W. Lawrence *Died of disease 03/09/1863 at Dumfries, VA
  • Alva LeClair
  • John D. Leopold
  • Albert P. Lyndon *Died in unknown prison 03/23/1865
  • Henry S. Lyndon
  • Cornelius Lyons
  • William M. Marshall
  • Darius A. Matthews
  • James McMahon
  • Michael McMarvin
  • James M. McNeil
  • Jacob Megerle
  • Hugh D. Mellen
  • Fred Merton
  • Joseph W. Meyers
  • Charles E. Moore *Died of disease 04/29/1863 at Convalescent Camp, VA
  • John H. Mosier
  • Ferdinand Newman *Killed in action 07/02/1863 at Gettysburg
  • Loren G. Parsons
  • Oscar F. Peacock
  • Alanson W. Pepper
  • Sylvester Pike *Killed in action 06/29/1864 at Reams Station
  • Valentine Pike
  • William E. Pinch
  • Edward D. Plumb
  • Ezra B. Pratt
  • Frederick W. Prouse
  • Owen Pugh
  • Seneca Ralph
  • John E. Rapp
  • William H. Raymond
  • Henry S. Redman
  • Nathan R. Reed
  • Willis A. Reed
  • George Reeder
  • John E. Relyea
  • Silas J. Robbins
  • Henry B. Robinson
  • Otis W. Rosebrook
  • Uriah Rutter
  • Jacob Schlegel
  • Christian Schroeder
  • William Peter Shea
  • Charles Shear
  • Jacob Sherman *Killed in action 05/05/1864 at the Wilderness
  • Samuel Sherman
  • William A. S. Sherman
  • Barney Silver
  • Fred Sinamus
  • Henry Skinner
  • William Slear
  • Amasa J. Slocum
  • Edwin A. Slocum *Killed in action 07/01/1863 at Gettysburg
  • Henry Smith
  • John G. Smith
  • Lewis Smith
  • William H. Soper
  • Theodore J. Southworth
  • Dexter Still *Died of disease 03/21/1862 at Perryville, MD
  • Clarence B. Strong
  • George Strowger
  • Jacob Stutler
  • Joseph Sullivan
  • Oliver J. Sutton
  • Byron Tallman
  • George Tallmage
  • Orville J. Talman
  • Andrew Tedman
  • Mary Jewett Telford – Civil War Nurse
  • Russell W. Tibbetts
  • John Tobin
  • David Treadwell
  • George E. Treadwell
  • Isaiah Treadwell *Died of wounds 01/01/1864 at Chattanooga, TN
  • Orson Treadwell *Died of disease 01/21/1862 at Meridian Hill in WA, DC
  • Cornelius VanDewerker
  • John VanNess
  • Peter VanNess
  • Martin A. Vickery
  • Horace Waddell
  • Gustavus Wagner
  • Frederick K. Warner
  • H. S. Webb
  • Daniel G. Weare
  • Artemus T. White
  • William M. White
  • Henry Whitmer
  • Lamont Wickham
  • James B. Wiley
  • John W. Williams *Died of disease 12/13/1862 at Falmouth, VA
  • Elliott Hartman Woolsey
  • David Wykoff
  • James Wykoff

9 Comments on “Civil War Soldiers of Perinton & Fairport”

  1. Stephen Barrett Says:

    Enoch A Barrett was the brother of my great-grandfather. If you need more information on him
    to add to your information on Civil War veterans from Perinton, let me know.

    • I’m so happy to hear from a Barrett descendant! Thanks for taking the time to write, Stephen. I’d love any information you have about Enoch A. Barrett and his family.

  2. Craig Mann Says:

    Your list includes a ‘Jeremiah Treadwell’. My great-great-great grandfather was named Jeremiah Jarvis Treadwell, born in 1820. He lived in NY in 1850, but lived mostly in Mass. What other identifiers do have in your records (i.e. race, parents, yr of birth, etc.)?

    • Hi Craig,

      My Jeremiah Treadwell is a man of mystery. Little is known of him. I will email you directly the information I do have on him. Thanks for checking out Illuminated History!

      Vicki Profitt

      • Craig Mann Says:

        Jeremiah was married to a Harriet Kellis of Southampton, NY, a member of the Shinnecock Nation. I’ve been told that Jeremiah was a cook for President Lincoln.

      • It would be amazing if Jeremiah cooked for President Lincoln! Any idea how we could verify that?

  3. Jim Holihan Says:

    Vicky, my great grandfather James Holihan was a Civil War veteran and I’d be very interested in any information you have about him. We’ve gathered some information but always looking for more! Thanks in advance for your reply.

    • Hi Jim,

      Thanks for stopping by Illuminated History. I’ve got very little about James Holihan, except that he enlisted 09/05/1864 in Canandaigua, New York, as a Private in Co. G, 188th New York Infantry. James was discharged 07/01/1865 in Washington, D.C. He is listed as a Fairport/Perinton veteran because he was a member of G.A.R. E.A. Slocum Post #211 of Fairport. The G.A.R. was a veteran’s organization started after the Civil War. I’ll see what else I can find about James.

  4. Jim Holihan Says:

    Thanks Vicki for your prompt reply and any other information you can dig up would be appreciated!

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