Civil War Soldiers of Henrietta

Since beginning my research into the Civil War soldiers of Henrietta, New York, in July 2011, over 250 soldiers have been identified as being associated with Henrietta.  Many require additional confirmation before being added to this list, but here are the majority of the Henrietta soldiers:

  • Jonathan Clark Babcock *Died of disease 02/26/1863
  • Frederick S. Bailey
  • George Bailey
  • James Bailey *Died of disease 01/30/1865 at Spencerport, NY
  • James H. Bailey
  • George J. Baine
  • Henry Barons *Died of disease 12/21/1862 at Frederick, MD
  • George Barrows
  • Adolphus A. Beckwith *Died of disease 11/24/1862
  • Edward Everett Beckwith
  • Andrew Stuart Beebee
  • Myron A. Bell *Died of disease.  Date and place unknown.
  • Michael Blake
  • Alfred Booth
  • George Booth *Killed in skirmish.  Date and place unknown.
  • Hiram E. Booth
  • Norman C. Bradish
  • Harvey H. Brainard
  • George B. Brand
  • Delos Brown
  • Leander D. Brown
  • Jacob G. Burger
  • E. E. Burnhett
  • Erastus J. Butler
  • Ezra K. Chapman
  • Henry Barnum Chapman
  • Mathias Chrysler
  • James G. Clapp *Killed in action 07/02/1863 at Gettysburg, PA
  • George Harvey Clark
  • Sterne M. Clark
  • Eugene Allen Collins *Killed in action 10/25/1864 at Petersburg, VA
  • John Conley
  • Charles E. Cook
  • James Cook
  • Rodman T. Coolidge
  • Luther Franklin Corbin
  • Lewis H. Curtis
  • Benjamin C. Davis *Killed in action 05/05/1864 at Wilderness, VA
  • Charles Davis
  • Frank Deicenroth *Killed in action 07/03/1863 at Gettysburg, PA
  • Darius D. Dietrich
  • Edward Franklin Donnelly
  • Alexander Durvill
  • Case P. Elwanger
  • George M. Feary *Mortally wounded 07/03/1863 at Gettysburg, PA.  Died 07/25/1863.
  • Florendin Feasel
  • Dr. James A. Fellows
  • Jason N. Fredenburgh
  • Addison Gardner
  • Otto Gash
  • Martin Geisel
  • Cheney S. Gilbert
  • George W. Gilson
  • Henry G. Golden
  • Daniel Gosnell
  • Abijah C. Gray
  • Phillip M. C. Greggen
  • Nathan Hack
  • Milo Haight
  • Timothy Haley
  • Timothy Harrington
  • Samuel A. Harris
  • Daniel Hawes
  • Lyman Hill
  • Seth Hill
  • Seymour Hill
  • Joseph T. Hines *Died of disease 10/29/1864 at Salisbury, NC
  • David B. Hitchcock
  • Albert Holcombe *Died of disease 11/06/1864 at Baton Rouge, LA
  • Alonzo Barton Holcombe
  • Byron Stone Holcombe *Killed in action 09/17/1862 at Antietam, MD
  • James H. Howard
  • George Hyatt
  • Henry Hyatt
  • William Egleston Hyatt
  • T. Julius Jones
  • Edwin Kent
  • Anson Keyes
  • Daniel Keyes
  • John King
  • Daniel M. Kise
  • Andrew Kleinkoff
  • George E. Knight *Killed in action 09/17/1862 at Antietam, MD
  • Frederick Krager *Killed in action 05/10/1864 Wilderness, VA
  • John B. Krieger
  • Dr. Robert L. Lane
  • Philip Lanley
  • Alexander E. Lee
  • Eli F. Lee
  • Chappel Lite *Wounded 10/27/1864 at Hatcher’s Run, VA.  Died of wounds 11/10/1864 at Washington, D.C.
  • Elijah H. Littles
  • Homer L. Love
  • Arthur F. Mackey
  • George Washington Maltby
  • John McGeary
  • Michael McGraw
  • Duncan L. McLeod
  • John C. Murray
  • Lewis Muster aka Louis Meister
  • John O’Connell
  • Herman Osburn
  • Lyman Otis
  • James Pamment
  • William Pamment
  • Harley Minor Patterson *Died of disease 01/14/1863 at Falmouth, VA
  • James Harvey Patterson
  • Peter Peterson
  • William Pickering
  • James Porter
  • Luther F. Remington
  • Truman H. Robbins
  • Martin Henry Roberts
  • Simeon Rood
  • Lorenz Ruby *Killed in action 05/05/1864 at Wilderness, VA
  • William Russell
  • Uriah Rutter
  • Jacob Schillinger *Killed in action 10/12/1863 at Brandy Station, VA by sharpshooters
  • Rudolph Senn
  • Erastus Benedict Sherman *Died 09/22/1862 at Potomac Creek Hospital, VA.  Headstone says died 12/22/1862 Falmouth.
  • Hiram Woodard Sherman *Died of disease 12/22/1862 at Falmouth, VA
  • James Henry Sherman
  • Peter Siegle
  • Benjamin Simmons
  • Admiral Samuel Skinner
  • Darwin E. Skinner *Death date given in different sources as 05/10/1864, 06/03/1864 and 07/03/1864
  • John Smayle
  • John Smith
  • Charles Snook
  • James W. Snow *Killed in action 09/17/1862 at Antietam, MD
  • Chauncey G. Starkweather
  • Jacob Steaklin
  • Francis Stedy
  • Charles H. Stevenson *Killed in action 12/13/1862 at Fredericksburg, VA
  • George Frederick Stone
  • Jeremy Henry Stone
  • Ezra Strope
  • Robert Taft *Died of disease 12/29/1861 at Washington, D.C.
  • Charles E. Thorn
  • Thomas R. Thorn
  • Dr. Hartwell Carver Tompkins
  • Thomas Benton Tuttle
  • Warren VanAllen
  • John H. Wagner
  • Cornelius Webb
  • Richard Wells
  • Charles H. E. Wiggins
  • John Williams
  • Marvin Williams
  • Matthew Mead Williams
  • Samuel Sexton Williams
  • Robert H. Wing
  • Jacob Winslow
  • Jacob Wood
  • Eli Yatter

7 Comments on “Civil War Soldiers of Henrietta”

  1. Kathy Marek Says:

    I was wondering if you had anymore information on the Milo Haight that is listed. I believe he was my relative that was born in Canada but filled in for someone else in the war.
    Thank You for any help you could give me

  2. Ryan Says:

    In regards to Henry Golden that you have listed here, do
    you have any other information on him?

    Could definitely be a ancestor of mine. I have been unable to
    Find a lot of info on him


  3. Donald S. Adam Says:

    Rodman T Coolidge is my maternal gg grandfather. I continue to have a very difficult time finding information about him. What information do you have in your book about him? Thanks in advance

    Donald S. Adam

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