Mustache Man…Mystery Solved?

Mustache Man first made his appearance on November 11, 2011 in an Illuminated History post entitled, “Piercing Eyes, Silent Voices”.  It was then that I posted a photo of a handsome gentleman with a handlebar mustache I had recently acquired from eBay.  Sadly, Mustache Man’s photo lacked identification.  No clues identified him, other than the fact that the photographer had been A.E. Dumble of Rochester, New York, and the back of the photo was pre-stamped 1891.  After asking the Illuminated History Facebook members to name Mustache Man, they decided upon the moniker of Samuel Everheart, due to the kindness of his eyes. 

Recently, as I prepared for a presentation, I reviewed the photos of the men of the 108th New York Infantry shown in George H. Washburn’s book, A Complete Military History and Record of the 108th New York Volunteers.  Imagine my surprise when I looked at the photo of a soldier named William C. Kneale and saw Mustache Man’s face staring back at me.  Could it be?  Did we solve the mystery of Mustache Man?  Take a look, and see what you think.  Comments welcome.

William C. Kneale and Mustache Man – One and the Same?

Whether or not William C. Kneale and Mustache Man are the same man, I’ve begun the process of researching William C. Kneale’s life and will soon share that information with you.  Let’s solve this mystery!

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6 Comments on “Mustache Man…Mystery Solved?”

  1. Deb Root Howie Says:

    Oh my gosh! Vicki you did it! It most certainly is one of the same! Awesome! What a great find!

    • Thanks, Deb! I’m cautiously optimistic that Mustache Man IS William C. Kneale. The hairline is exact, as are the crinkles around the eyes. The nose isn’t quite the same, and the jawline is also slightly off. I’ve placed some posts about William on Wouldn’t it be fabulous if a descendant has another identified photo of William we could compare with Mustache Man?

  2. Terry holt Says:

    Looks like a match to me!

  3. Vicki, I enjoyed the mystery of the Mustache Man, and await the out come, keep me posted…

    Janet Stratton

    • Thanks, Janet. I’m thrilled that we may have identified Mustache Man. Coming soon is a post about William C. Kneale. Thanks for your interest in our Civil War soldiers.

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